When my friend started feeling better, I asked her what she was […]

I spent this entire morning at the office of a chiropractor in […]


If the woman’s uterus someone kept in good condition and allow it […]

Stress and Tension Can Hurt a Body

When my friend started feeling better, I asked her what she was doing different. She had been feeling lethargic for months, and her doctor was not able to diagnose the exact cause of it. When she told me that he had referred her to a Bakersfield chiropractor, I still did not make the connection. See, in my mind, a chiropractor was a doctor who helps you when your back is hurting. I had no idea that they actually treat a number of conditions that deal with just about every part of the human body.

When she first went to the chiropractor, she felt the same way I did. She wanted to get her energy back though, so she did what her doctor recommended. The chiropractor and his team helped my friend on that very first day. (more…)

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Had to Go See a Chiropractor

I spent this entire morning at the office of a chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA. The problem I have was the result of a lot of different things I would guess. I have been in a few wrecks in my lifetime. I used to drive a race car my uncle built on a dirt track near my home. Of course those dirt tracks are bull rings basically where you have a lot of guys who just run over every car that they can not run past. I am as guilty of rough driving as any of the others though and so it is not like I can complain too much. It was all a huge amount of fun when you were 19 and 20 years old. (more…)

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4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Uterus

If the woman’s uterus someone kept in good condition and allow it to thrive in conditions of optimum health, likely contracted the lower uterine disease and fertility will be higher. Uterine health is important for the formation of life so as to maintain the reproductive organs that works well is important. Health problems of the uterus can also make a lot of pain, especially because the muscles in the uterus during menstruation monthly stressed.

Below are four ways to maintain a healthy uterine health:

1. Diets were clean, extending the exercise to help encourage blood circulation, and use the appropriate protection during sex will help maintain the health of a woman and her womb. A healthy uterus is the womb is fertile and able to ward off disease. Health uterus can also affect the vagina and surrounding area, Ensuring that the healthy uterus must be very important for all women in every stage of life.

2. Exercise becomes active is a good way to lose weight and improve blood circulation, which affects reproductive health in a positive way. Yoga is recorded as a method of exercise that can help the health of the uterus. Those who have tilted uterus or in reverse recommended in order to participate in yoga exercises to help reposition the uterus to the right place. Daily exercise is a great way to increase blood circulation and create an excellent environment for the health of the uterus.

3. Conduct an annual inspection will help to keep your system in the best shape possible. Annual Pap smear to determine if there is something that will reduce the likelihood of developing cervical cancer, which is the next stage can affect the uterus. Regarding the issue of fast reproduction, care for them will be more modest.

4. Sexual health has a great impact on a woman and her womb. Using the method of sex is a free secure method to help keep the vagina and uterus from contracting an infection, which can cause damage or destruction to the function of the uterus. Condoms are an effective form of protection that can help to reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer.
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The benefits to health consuming raw vegetables, has been proven by our ancestors first

In ancient times, our ancestors consumed a lot of vegetables both raw and cooked. Even many traditional recipes are very nutritious ancestor good for our health. And it proved our ancestors rarely had a disease resulting from the processing of foodstuffs which we now find that many contain preservatives.

In some types of fresh vegetables if cooked first could even eliminate the benefits of the content contained on these vegetables. In the vegetable there are some facts you should know when you consume fresh vegetables, or more precisely about the benefits of fresh raw vegetables.

On this occasion we will discuss some of the articles about the tremendous benefits of eating raw vegetables. In order for the discussion not too long just you see some details below. May be useful. The following four remarkable benefits of eating raw vegetables.

1. Keeping the body to stay fit

Do you ever feel that prolonged fatigue and headache unwarranted? Raw vegetables is one appropriate solution for overcoming both of these issues, but it also can make the body become fit again.

2. Clean your body

Consuming raw vegetables can help the erosion of toxins lodged in the body, it is a tremendous benefit for you. So you should be able to take advantage of the vegetables for the health of the body.

3. Digestive getting better

Raw vegetables are known to expedite the digestive system, digestion is hindered can be helped by eating raw vegetables. The digestive system can be returned to normal when familiarize intake of raw vegetables.

4. Increased immunity

If your body resistance is strong, you could certainly fight infectious diseases with better immune system, to support the productivity you in activities you can try to consume these raw vegetables.

Source : http://m.log.viva.co.id/

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Heartburn Pain Needs to be Treated Immediately

We live in a hectic world, and this means that for many of us, our food intake is not exemplary. Between stress, lack of exercise and improper eating, a lot of us are suffering from numerous afflictions that include headaches and a host of stomach problems, such as heartburn. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid, rather than traveling from the throat to the stomach, instead gets stuck in the oesophagus. Since the oesophagus does not have the same protective coating as the stomach, this can result in a burning, painful sensation in the upper chest area. Heartburn is not only extremely painful, but it is also dangerous. Over time, the oesophagus can suffer permanent damage which could result in the need for regular medication or even surgery. Fortunately, there are numerous products that relieve heartburn and can get you back to your daily life. These products can be found almost anywhere, as they are available over the counter, and are usually very reasonably priced.

Heartburn Medication Options

Heartburn medications usually come in pill form, and many of them offer immediate relief from this painful affliction. Since one-fourth of all adults suffer from heartburn either occasionally or regularly, these products are invaluable additions to our medicine cabinets. They offer options such as:

  • Pills that work for 12-hour periods that come in packs of seven, fourteen or twenty-eight tablets
  • Pills that work for 24-hour periods that come in packs of fourteen tablets

Both of these options are available through companies such as Zantac, and they relieve the pain of heartburn and indigestion in 30 minutes or less. The pills can also be purchased from both supermarkets and pharmacies, which makes it convenient for everyone who needs this product.

Do You Need Heartburn Medication?

Depending on the type and severity of your pain, what you are experiencing may or may not be actual heartburn or indigestion pain. Most companies that sell heartburn medication have websites that you can visit and answer a few questions to determine if you actually need medication for your heartburn. In either case, only a doctor can tell for sure if you’re experiencing heartburn pain. If you are, taking medication is a simple option that is safe and works quickly.

These medications are effective and work by reducing the volume and concentration of the stomach acid so that much less of it escapes into the oesophagus. This, in turn, alleviates most or all of the pain associated with heartburn and continues to work for either 12 or 24 hours. By contrast, antacids work by neutralising stomach acid, which only somewhat reduces the pain and is a very temporary, short-term method. Regardless of the severity of your heartburn pain, it simply makes more sense to use a 12 or 24-hour pill rather than continually consuming antacid tablets.

The next time you suffer from heartburn pain or indigestion, using a tablet specifically designed to alleviate the pain associated with this affliction is your best option. The medication is simple to take, begins to work quickly and lasts for a very long time.

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Circumstances which lets you use vitamin supplements

Vitamin Suplement

Many people think that consuming well balanced diet gives all the vitamins and proteins required for a good health. In normal circumstances, yes this is the case, but in fact there are several reasons why you should have vitamin and nutritional supplements to cope with living today. Consuming vitamin supplements when necessary is a good technique of optimizing your dietary sources of nutrients, providing you follow proper instructions on the product labels. Following are some of the circumstances when you may require supplements:

1. Poor Digestion

Even when you intake good food, incompetent digestion could restrict your bodys uptake of vitamins. Some ordinary causes of incompetent digestion are not chewing healthy enough and eating very fast. Both of these result in larger than usual food element size, too large to permit full action of digestive enzymes. Many people with dentures are not capable to chew as powerfully as those with a full set of real teeth.

2. Alcohol

Consuming too much of alcohol can damage the liver and pancreas that are vital to digestion and metabolism. It could as well damage the lining of the intestinal area and could have other adverse affect the absorption of nutrients, cause to sub-clinical malnutrition. Alcohol affects accessibility, incorporation and metabolism of nutrients. Regular use of alcohol increases the bodys requirements for the B-group vitamins, chiefly thiamine, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid and vitamins B12, A and C plus the minerals zinc, magnesium and calcium.

3. Fat Diets

Bizarre diets that miss out on complete groups of foods could be gravely lacking in vitamins. Even the accepted low fat diets, if taken to a tremendous, could be lacking in vitamins A, D and E. Vegetarian diets that could keep out meat and other animal sources, have to be very dexterously planned to avoid vitamin B12 deficiency that may further lead to anemia.

4. Antibiotics

Some antibiotics even though expensive in fighting infection, as well kill off friendly bacteria in the gut that would usually be producing B-group vitamins to be engrossed through the intestinal walls. Such deficiencies could result in a variety of nervous conditions, so it might be sensible to use supplement with B-group vitamins when on a lengthy course of broad range antibiotics.

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Diabetes patients can control blood sugar without medication

Dr. Em Yunir, SpPD-KEMD, Head of Metabolic Endocrine Division, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia – Cipto Mangunkusumo said diabetic patients could control blood sugar levels without having to take medication. Condition, regular exercise and maintaining a diet.

“30 percent of diabetes patients do not need to take medication. Provided there are no complications, then regular exercise and diet is maintained,” said Dr. Yunir, in a media briefing Sun Life Financial in Taman Sari Heritage Spa, Jl Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta, Thursday (12 / 11/2015).

Explained Dr. Yunir, maintain a diet and regular exercise is the most inexpensive ways to control blood sugar in diabetic patients. Even so, in this way the most difficult.

Not without reason, the majority of diabetic patients is sometimes difficult to change daily habits, including changing lifestyles. Moreover, if the previous patient was not among those who exercise regularly and are accustomed to eating unhealthy foods.

“Sometimes also the level of knowledge and behavior of patients not matching. Knowing that diabetes can be controlled with regular exercise and keeping food, but eat a steak to more than 200 grams. In fact, it was recommended that 100 grams per day,” he said again.

Moreover, diabetes has become one of the non-communicable diseases are not only haunt urban communities, but also rural communities. Health research data base (Riskesdas) 2013 conducted by the Ministry of Health called the prevalence of diabetics in Indonesia amounted to 6.9 percent. Rose from 2007 in figure 5.7 percent.

Therefore, education about diabetes should be further improved. Communities with high risk factors such as obesity, diabetes sufferers have a family and a healthy lifestyle must be willing to do regular blood sugar checks.

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